Education Aid:  SJKT Simpang Lima (November 2016)

SJK (T) Simpang Lima is a Tamil primary school in Jalan Langat, Taman Sri Andalas and this school consists of 2500 students and 99 teachers. SJK (T) Simpang Lima was regarded as the best Tamil school in Selangor for UPSR achievement in 2015 with 49 straight-A students and out of 70% of
parents are from B40 Group (a family with an income of below RM3000 monthly)”.

However, despite the outstanding academic achievement, it is also important to help the students develop soft skills such as organizing, teamwork and problem solving as well as exposure to technology which will become relevant in the future workplace.

As such, Yayasan Kossan sponsored a 21st century classroom for the tamil school because the foundation strongly believes that education and society welfare are essential in building a better tomorrow.

21st century classroom is a productive environment to help students develop the skills they will require in the future workplace. The focus of this 21st century classroom is to provide students with the experience of a modern day working environment and developing their critical thinking skills, effective communication skills and making them adapt by the use of technology which is essential for a 21st century workplace.