ABOUT US      

Education and social welfare covering medical & health, environment, arts and culture.
Yayasan Kossan was funded by Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd. Yayasan Kossan does not accept donations.
Tan Sri Dato’ Lim believe that a consolidated effort in CSR will be more effective, well organized, structured and impactful in benefiting the needy peoples.
By a board of trustees who provide guidance and ensure compliance of regulations, together with a team of Kossan volunteers who lead, organize and execute the ground work.
Yayasan Kossan supports sustainable and impactful projects, both independently and collaborate with other charitable organizations, that are beneficial to the society.
The public can approach Yayasan Kossan through its permanent office address, contact information, website and social media.
We start from ourselves by having a mix group of volunteers regardless of race, religion and gender in Yayasan Kossan. Before any decision is made, the board of trustees will assess, scrutinize and ensure the activities to be approved are fair and equal in accordance with the objective of the foundation.