Our Role In Corporate Social Responsibility

Yayasan Kossan is established with the objective to fund and support philanthropic activities for education and social welfare covering medical and health, environment, arts and culture in Malaysia.

Our priority is to provide direct aid to the needy or the underprivileged within our community.


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  • August 2020

    Social Aid: Program “Sentuhan Kasih @ Bidor”

  • July 2020

    Social Aid: Launching of “Bakul Makanan”

  • July 2020

    Social Aid: Blood Donation

  • June 2020

    Social Aid: Dumpling Festival

  • May 2020

    Social Aid: Promoting ‘Safe’ Celebration

  • May 2020

    Social Aid: Hari Raya Giveaways

  • May 2020

    Social Aid: Zoo Negara Adoption Program

  • 16 April 2020


  • April 2020

    Social Aid: Handover Ceremony of Painting from Sin Chew Foundation to Yayasan Kossan

  • April 2020

    Financial Aid: Donation to Old Folks, Orphanage and OKU Care Centre

  • March 2020

    Social Aid: Yayasan Kossan Take Action To Safeguard The Nation Frontliners & Kossan Employees During Covid-19 Pandemic

  • January 2020

    Social Aid: Bringing Chinese New Year cheer for the Old Folks Home

  • December 2019

    Arts and Culture: YK Christmas Celebration

  • November 2019

    Arts and Culture: We Love Klang Run 2019

  • November 2019

    Arts and Culture: International Traditional Dance Competition

  • November 2019

    Education Aid: YK Back to School Subsidy Program

  • November 2019

    Education Aid: YK Kids Get Ready To School

  • October 2019

    Financial Aid: Donation to Sentosa Old Folks Home

  • October 2019

    Financial Aid: YK Deepavali Giveaway

  • August 2019

    Financial Aid: School Sensory Play Area – Ujana Sensori

  • July 2019

    Education Aid: Postgraduate Scholarship in UM

  • July 2019

    Financial Aid: 3rd YK Health & Safety Carnival 2019

  • June 2019

    Arts and Culture: Dragon Boat Festival Celebration with Old Folks

Program Bakul Makanan Yayasan Kossan B40
2019 Health & Safety Carnival
2018 Health & Safety Carnival

Learn How We Are Moving The Nation Forward

First Tab

Education Aid Amount :

Public Universities : Up to RM15,000 per year (Study fees of RM10,000 and living expenses RM5,000 per year)
Private Universities : Up to RM25,000 per year (Study fees of RM20,000 and living expenses RM5,000 per year)

Eligibility & Guidelines :

a. Financially disadvantage families are defined with those monthly household income of RM5,000 and below.
b. Guidelines:

  1. Only Malaysian citizens.
  2. Applicant must produce original Letter of Offer from respective universities.
  3. Applicant should possess good academic qualification/achievements and active in school.
  4. Only undergraduates/prospective undergraduates pursuing full-time first degree courses are eligible to apply.
  5. Courses/Universities must be accredited by MQA.
  6. Applicants shall not obtain and accept any other education aid.

Second Tab

Type of Assistance :

  1. Supporting treatment expenses for patients going through dialysis, chemotheraphy or other accute diseases.
  2. Donating wheel chair, artificial limbs to the disable individuals.
  3. Organizing health campaign, blood donation, drug awareness campaign etc.

Eligibility :

  1. Malaysian citizens.
  2. Total household income of RM5,000 and below per month (subject to Mean Test Criteria).
  3. Financially deprived senior citizens and underprivileged individual who suffers from acute sickness like diabetes, cancer and etc.

Third Tab

Types of Donation :

  1. Cash
  2. Food
  3. Clothes
  4. Books & stationaries
  5. Gloves & face masks
  6. Furnitures
  7. Cooking utensils
  8. Personal care items
  9. Bedding items
  10. Bicycle
  11. Electrical appliances
  12. Sports equipments
  13. Etc

Eligibility :

  1. Orphanage home
  2. Senior citizen home
  3. Indegenious tribe
  4. Disaster victims
  5. Non profitable organizations
  6. Etc

Fourth Tab

Types :

  1. Supporting associations related to local culture and arts.
  2. Donating instruments.
  3. Organizing campaigns on awareness of our local heritage.

Eligibility :

Associations must be non commercial related, (i.e. non profit organization).

Fifth Tab

Types :

  1. Sponsoring associations in nature & wildlife protection.
  2. Education and awareness campaigns on conservation.
  3. Advocating environmental management activities.
  4. Supporting communities in environmental programs.

Eligibility :

Associations must be non commercial related, (i.e. non profit organization).

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