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Welcome to Yayasan Kossan!!

Tan Sri Dato’ Lim Kuang Sia
Founder of Yayasan Kossan

It has been my personal vision to give back to the society when we are doing successful in our business. This vision has kept me to continue in lending a helping hand to those in need regardless of race and creed. Since our inception in the late 70’s, we have been consistently giving out donations and offering relief schemes to underprivileged Malaysian and charitable bodies for worthy causes.

Yayasan Kossan is a vehicle set up to consolidate all the philanthropic activities to fulfil our commitment in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The foundation will focus onto 2 major areas – Education and Social Welfare which covers medical and financial aid. I believed, with this philanthropic model, our duty to our society can be carried out in a more structured, continual and impactful manner.

Our primary activities are centred on education where I strongly believed is the powerful tool in combat poverty. In this education pillar, Yayasan Kossan is offering education aids to deserving but less affordable scholars. I wish to see all the bright scholars regardless of race, enjoy the equal learning opportunities which enable them to excel in their life.

We are also committed to care and help those less fortunate and underprivileged through offering medical assistance and financial relief scheme to lessen their immediate and critical burdens. Financial distressed and less dependent senior citizens, single mother, vulnerable minority group and less affordable individual who suffered critical illness and diseases are our focus for these relief schemes. We know, we may not be able to make the world better as to what we wish it to be but we are confident that we are able to paint more cherish colors to one’s life by lending them our helping hands in times of need.

Being a responsible corporate citizen, we have a duty to help building a better nation and promote national unity. We also aim to make our country a harmony place to live and a conducive platform in accomplishing our business goals. Owing to this, Yayasan Kossan has set aside a portion of its available funds to sponsor meaningful activities and programs related to environmental conservation, art and cultural performance; and promotion of inter-racial harmony.

The fund in Yayasan Kossan is sponsored through part of the business profit of Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd. and that implies, when our business is performing better with its profitability advancing, the Yayasan Kossan will have a bigger fund size and capacity to help more people. Therefore, for the common good of our community, we promise to work hard in our business!

Last but not least, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Board of Trustee that share the common value of Yayasan Kossan and the secretariat team which comprises our dedicated employee of Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd, whom willing to walk extra miles to make Yayasan Kossan a success and crystalized my wishes into solid action. Let’s work together to make life better for all.

Thank You.