Yayasan Kossan Deepavali Celebration 2017

Deepavali is a festival that is celebrated by Hindus all over the world. Also known as Diwali, it celebrates the triumph of Light over Darkness.

In conjunction with the festival of lights, Yayasan Kossan organized a Deepavali celebration at Destiny Home Care.

Destiny Home Care is a home for the elderly, sick people, orphans and delinquent youth, whose parents and school authorities have difficulties in stilling discipline in them. The home’s aim is to restore these lives that have been lured by undesirable elements and rebuild them. This is no small feat from founder, Rev. Stephan Samuel.

We arrived at the home around noon and served the elderly, adults and children with a scrumptious meal.

After lunch we organized some fun activities such as sand art colouring with the kids and Kolam decoration competition with the youth which made it more interesting and engaging. Kolam is a traditional decorative rice art using coloured rice.

Being able to brings much joy and broad smile to these faces in Destiny Home Care indeed provides a sense of satisfaction to all of us at Yayasan Kossan.

With the sparkle of joy and glow of happiness, everyone had a good time.

We at Yayasan Kossan wish everyone a Happy Deepavali 2017!