Social Aid: Food Donation to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Mental
(December 2016)

PERTUBUHAN KEBAJIKAN MENTAL SELANGOR (PKMS) is a home for the depressed and mentaly disabled. The home consists of 70 homeless people and recently this non-profit organization approached Yayasan Kossan to seek support for food aid.

Yayasan Kossan did not hesitate in providing them with support as food is an essential need to live. According to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Mental Selangor, every month they require considerable amount of money to care for the people in the home.

Yayasan Kossan provided 100 (bags) of rice to the PERTUBUHAN KEBAJIKAN MENTAL SELANGOR (PKMS) from time to time so as to render some support to help the home manage.

Yayasan Kossan not only focus on the effectiveness of its charity work, nonetheless also aim to bring out the best in everyone. The members take joy in giving back to society, while providing hope and encouragement to these associations and underprivileged communities to move on with life,in process, discover the true meaning of life.