1. Education Aid Amount

Public Universities : Up to RM15,000 per year (Study fees of RM10,000 and living expenses RM5,000 per year)

Private Universities : Up to RM25,000 per year (Study fees of RM20,000 and living expenses RM5,000 per year)

2. Bonding Condition

Public University : 2 years
Private University : 3 years

3. Education Aid Duration

Subject to course or forty eight (48) months whichever shorter.

4. Payment Mode

Year 1 : All the Criteria stated in Item 5 fully satisfied (For 1st Year scholars)

Subsequent : Academic achievement of min CGPA of 3.00 in the 1st year to qualify for Year 2 entitlement

5. Eligibility

a. Financially disadvantage families are defined with those monthly household income of RM5,000 and below.

b. Guidelines:

  1. Only Malaysian citizens.
  2. Applicant must produce original Letter of Offer from respective universities.
  3. Applicant should possess good academic qualification/achievements and active in school.
  4. Only undergraduates/prospective undergraduates pursuing full-time first degree courses are eligible to apply.
  5. Courses/Universities must be accredited by MQA.
  6. Applicants shall not obtain and accept any other education aid.

c. Final Approval :

  1. Subject to final discretion of Evaluation Committee.
  2. Subject to satisfactory report on house visit.

d. Documentation :
Duly completed Application Form – YK-FM-001.Applicant’s academic achievements

  1. University acceptance letter.
  2. SPM/SPVM/STPM/”A”Level results.
  3. School testimonials and school leaving certificates.
  4. Identity card and birth certificate.

Household income information

  1. Parents’/Guardians’ identity cards.
  2. Parents’/Guardians’ proof of income i.e. Income tax Form J/B/BE or EA Form for at least 2 years.
  3. Official pay slips or official letter from employer confirming the income.
  4. If brothers and sisters are working, submit their income tax form J/B/BE or EA form for at least 2 years.

6. Field Of Studies

Priority will be given to Applicant in Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science/IT related fields.

7. Approval Procedure

Subject to final discretion of Evaluation Committee.

8. Privacy Notice

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